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Sunny Days Healthy Ways®  (SDHW) is a sun safety curriculum that uses a comprehensive approach developed with the principles of project-based learning to teach skin cancer prevention skills to children in grades K through 5. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledge SDHW as a national resource for complying with their recommendations for how schools can help prevent skin cancer. In addition, Common Core standards can be addressed while teaching sun safety in the classroom.

SDHW - start to finish - provides an average of 15 lessons, per grade, that teachers can tailor to their timeframe and needs. The lessons in each grade are cumulative and lead to an over-arching project. Prepared lesson plans, student activity sheets, story books and learning objectives minimize prep time and make teaching SDHW easy. In addition, this website provides new content, continuing updates and support as needed. You can have direct access to SDHW creators whenever you need it.

Why teach children to prevent skin cancer? Even though skin cancer occurs mainly in adults, much of the damage was likely done during childhood. Long periods of unprotected sun exposure and severe sunburning as a child can lead to skin cancer and eye damage later in life. Good health habits started in childhood are more likely to last a lifetime. SDHW teaches children positive sun protection habits without scare tactics. The focus is on ‘not getting a sunburn.’ The word ‘skin cancer’ is not even mentioned until grade 4, and then it is used sparingly for education.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. and is increasing at an alarming rate. SDHW was first created with targeted grants from the National Cancer Institute (CA62968 & CA23074) and the Arizona Disease Control Commission (9403) to help stem the epidemic. The curriculum has just been revised and this second edition was written with the help of teachers along with sun safety experts. When the original SDHW curriculum was tested, it was shown to be effective at increasing knowledge, forming positive attitudes and improving sun safety behaviors. For over 20 years, teachers, instructional designers, skin cancer prevention experts and students have been developing, evaluating and innovating the SDHW curriculum. Users find it to be convenient, engaging and effective. But it is only truly effective when it is used by concerned teachers like you.

Sunny Days Healthy Ways Second Edition Publisher: Klein Buendel, Inc.
Project Director: David B. Buller, Ph.D.

The Sunny Days Healthy Ways & Sun Safety Curriculum is copyrighted. All rights reserved. The lesson plans, storybooks, activity templates, and assessments may be reproduced for individual school use only.


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