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The Sunny Days, Healthy Ways®  curriculum was designed around the principles of project-based learning. In project-based learning, students are provided with the major concepts of a subject area and are provided tools to conduct meaningful investigations of those concepts. The curriculum for each grade is broken down into five units and is organized so that students learn, then impart their knowledge of sun safety. Each grade completes a different overarching project.


In the Kindergarten curriculum, students will work to prepare for a Sun Safety Art Fair. The lessons will build incrementally to teach students about sun safety procedures and how they are applied to everyday life. Students express creativity through learning of sun safety behaviors.

Storybook: Willie Widebrim's Sun Safe Day

First Grade

Throughout the curriculum, students will work on the creation of life-size paper people for their overarching project. During the lessons, students will apply what they learn about sun safety to their paper people. They learn about and discuss how sun safety lessons apply to their own lives, as well.

Storybook: C.J. and Natalie's Sunsational Puzzle Quest

Audio File: The Sun and You

Second Grade

During the second grade lessons, students will work on the overarching project of creating a Sun Safety Magazine. Going through the curriculum, students will be introduced to major sun safety concepts. Once a major sun safety concept has been introduced, students are given the tools to assess how the concept relates to their lives. After the assessment, students compile the information into a variety of magazine articles. Each article becomes a piece of the Sun Safety Magazine.

Storybook: The Mystery of the Old Trunk in the Attic

Third Grade

Throughout the third grade curriculum, students will be working on the creation of a Sun Safe Goal Digest. In addition to learning about sun safety, students will also practice data collection and graphing throughout the unit. The lessons will build incrementally to teach students about sun safety procedures.

Fourth Grade

During the course of this curriculum, students will work on an overarching project: a sun safety campaign. The theme for the Fourth Grade curriculum builds on the 2004 federal law requiring schools that receive federal funds to hold an event about the Constitution on September 17. Additionally, many school systems teach about the constitution and government in the Fourth Grade. Hence, this curriculum has been created with the theme of government and the constitution in mind.

Fifth Grade

This curriculum is designed with the idea that students will demonstrate their sun safety knowledge through the creation of a Sun Safe Story Book that can be used to teach sun safety behaviors to other students. The creation of the book and supplemental items will allow students to apply lessons learned to make them more salient. After the sun safety materials are created, students will act as Sun Safety Authors with an audience classroom to assess, teach, and recommend sun safety behaviors.

Photo Gallery

This page contains photos that will supplement the lessons in the Sunny Days, Healthy Ways®  curriculum.


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